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Free Tips From the Dietitian’s lips!

At This Weeks Lunch, it’s our mission to not only provide healthy, convenient lunches to your home but to also contribute to our local community through various means.

This blog series connects you with our dietitian to pick up some nutrition tricks, tips and “parenting hacks.” We’ll share nutritious, family-friendly recipes, answer some of your questions, and provide food recommendations (that are not endorsed!).

Who are we?

The owners of the company are Jason and Kirk, two dads tired of constantly making our kids lunches. When talking to fellow-parents, we discovered they were too. Being gluttons for punishment, we decided to make everyone else’s’ lunches as well.  Jason works in the health services tech sector. Kirk is a Registered Nurse with a previous life in cardiology and emergency medicine.

Eleah Stringer is our resident dietitian. Eleah’s specialty is in cancer nutrition but, being a mom herself, she has hands-on experience testing what kids will (and sometimes won’t!) eat. She has a passion for food security and helping all families, regardless of socioeconomic status, access culturally appropriate, nourishing food in a dignified manner. We will do our best to post regularly while keeping the information short, sweet and interesting.

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