On Vancouver Island, we are lucky to be surrounded by many farms…before you hit the ocean of course! Not only are locally grown veggies, such as flavourful tomatoes, crunchy snap peas, and sweet carrots, tastier than the imported varieties but are often more nutritious as well. When the flavor is stronger, your kids are more likely to eat more. Think of internationally grown strawberries compared to our local ones- they don’t even compare. Taking your kids to a local farm stand and having them pick out their food has benefits.

1.  It cultivates an interest in fruits and veggies

                      2.  It shows them where their food comes from

                       3.  It supports local farms

                       4.  It’s a great way to get out on a small adventure

                       Here are some local farms we know of:

                       200 Petworth Drive, Victoria

They have eggs, apples, pears, lavender, & herbs

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/200-petworth-drive/



4190 Glendenning Road, Victoria

They have mainly fresh seasonal bouquets, eggs, berries, orchard fruits, tomatoes, & herbs

Photo from https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/4190-glendenning-road/


852 Pears Road, Victoria

They have eggs, plants, veggies, & driftwood art

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/852-pears-road/


4011 Prospect Lake Road, Victoria – Le Quinard Farm

They have beans, chard, squash, kale, beets, carrots, apples, jam, pickles, fresh and dried herbs, flowers, plants, bird boxes, & bat houses

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/4011-prospect-lake-road/


180 Durrance Rd, Victoria – Double Dutch Farm

They have eggs, chicken, pork, produce in season, & orchard hay

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/180-durrance-rd/


151 Durrance Road, Victoria – Misty Field Farm

They have lavender, grapes, tea, & zucchini

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/151-durrance-road/


3972 Holland Ave, Victoria – City’s Edge Farm

They have a seasonal variety of salad greens, beets, carrots, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers flowers, herbs & more.

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/3972-holland-ave/


5480 West Saanich Road, Victoria – Red Damsel Farm and Market

They have a large rotating variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, preserves, baking and seeds.

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/5480-west-saanich-road/


742 Hovey Road, Saanichton – Sea Dog Farm

They have eggs, fruits, vegetables, farm fresh bouquets, berries, alpaca yarn & roving, lavender, & plant starts

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/1742-hovey-road/


3161 Campion Rd, Saanichton – Big E Country Farms

They have microgreens, rhubarb, organic hay, honey, berries, assorted jams & jellies.

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/3161-campion-rd/


1700 Prosser Road, Saanichton – Silverwood Farm

They have eggs, tomatoes, kale, basil, zucchini, parsley, peas, cucumbers, & eggplant

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/1700-prosser-road/


7510 Tomlinson Road, Saanichton – Stacy’s Garden Goodies

They have squash, zucchini, kale, & assorted herbs

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/7510-tomlinson-road/


8080 Thomson Place, Saanichton – Dragonfly Farm

They have zucchini, kale, chard, cucumber, pati pan, tomato, cherry tomato, eggplant, eggs, flowers, & herbs

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/8080-thomson-place/


1438 Mount Newton Crossroad, Saanichton – Northbrook Farm

They have blueberries, chard, kale, parsley, beans, tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, onions, garlic, melons, strawberries and more…

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/1438-mount-newton-crossroad/


6070 Oldfield Rd, Saanich – Sun Wing Greenhouse Tomatoes

They have multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, greens, green beans, cokes, zukes, basil, other seasonal veg

1283 Queensbury Ave, Saanich – The Little Stand 

They have seasonal fruit, apples, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, pears, strawberries, jam, salsa, chutney, antipasto, & jelly

Photo From https://islandfarmstands.com/farm-stand/1283-queensbury-ave/



Do you have a favourite farm stand? Let us know about it in the comments or on our social media @ThisWeeksLunch.