Food Safety

We take food safety incredibly serious. All of our processes are designed to minimize the risk of food borne illness.

In addition to rigorous food safety processes, and sourcing all of our food items from licensed vendors, we limit the exposure of any potential allergens in our lunches. Read below for more information.


Food Safe

All of our staff members have a valid Food Safe certification to ensure proper handling procedures are always followed.

This includes following our Food Safety Plan which details receiving, storage, preparation and shipping processes for all our lunches.


Commercial Kitchen

Our lunches are prepared and packed in a VIHA approved commercial kitchen space. This ensures that all surfaces are non-toxic and non porous, proper ventilation and water availability, and our high heat dishwasher can sanitize all re-usable items.


No Raw Food

Our kitchen is free for most of the main allergenic foods – milk, eggs, uncooked meats.

We never use shellfish for kid’s lunches! We also never use peanuts.

Note: we can’t guarantee that no allergens have been present in our kitchen so please consult with us if your child has any severe allergies before ordering.


Fresh Produce

We purchase all of our fruits and vegetables on the day of delivery to ensure the freshest possible lunches throughout the week. Produce is never kept after delivery day.

We also only use produce that has proven to last for the week – for example, apples and grapes stay great, but pears go soft within a day or two so we don’t use them.

Note: despite our best efforts, sometimes produce doesn’t stay fresh as long as we expect, be sure to inspect your child’s fruit toward the end of the week.