Our Lunch Bags

Our lunch bags contain a carefully selected variety of foods to ensure your child is full and fully nourished every day. Each bag has one or more fruits, a variety of vegetables, and selected other items including healthy snack bars, crackers, rice cakes, yogurt, cheese or other items.

All of our lunch bags are peanut free!


Our lunches contain a variety of options for the main course! Each week you can choose to receive a selection of salads, sandwiches, protein trays and hot lunches. Each selection can have a variety of options to ensure that your child has a good assortment of lunch options – for example the salad choice could be Caesar, Asian, Tex-Mex, Dill or Everything Bagel, served with Chicken, Black Beans or Chickpeas.

Check out all of the available Main Items in the Menu Preview!

Our Snacks

We select our snacks from a variety of different sources. Each day your child will have one fruit, one vegetable (ex. mini bell peppers, snap peas, broccoli, carrots, etc.), and a selection of healthy snack items such as granola bars or fruit bars.

Have a picky eater?

We know that some kids are particular about what they want for lunch, so we’ve offered as many options as possible. Be sure to check the menu options for things like ‘Plain Cheese Sandwich’ or ‘Crackers and Cheese’, or perhaps the ‘Mini Pizza’ or ‘Mini Quiche’ will work.

Additionally, you can customize the snacks we send as well as the main items! When you build your menu order, choose a ‘Snack Substitution’ – you could try ‘All Crunchy’ or ‘No Produce’ for example, to help ensure your child receives items they will love.

Some of our Main Items include:

Some of our snacks include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about dietary restrictions?

We never send items with peanuts. IF you have other dietary preferences you can indicate them in the ‘Special Instructions’ box during check out. As well, all of our lunches use healthy options so you can feel confident your child’s nutritional needs are being met.

Do I need to refrigerate the lunch bags?

If you have Snacks only plan, then no. If you get the Full Lunch, you will receive a bag that does not have to be refrigerated and a bag that does – generally the ‘main’ item needs to be refrigerated, like sandwiches.

What about fruit and vegetables?

All of our lunch bags contain at least one fruit and on vegetable, and generally more. In addition to crackers and healthy bars.