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Select Your Plan

Choose the option based on your child’s age – or select Middle School if you aren’t sure (you can always go up or down if needed). You’ll be able to choose from a variety of Main Items (or go with our default menu) and your selection will be delivered to your door on Sunday afternoon with a delicious selection of snacks, fruits and vegetables.

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Choose Your Items

Each week you’ll receive an email detailing your default lunch selections for the week – a mix of sandwiches, salads and hot items. If you want to customize the selections to better match your child’s preferences you can easily submit a Menu Order.

You’ll be able to choose from over a dozen Main Items, and even customize the snacks we send to accommodate any picky eaters!

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Get Your Lunch Bags

Five healthy, varied and delicious Lunch Bags will be delivered to your door – each day will have one ‘Main’ item and a bag with snacks and veggies. Simply send one Main and one bag each day with your child and enjoy hassle-free lunch packing.

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We use warehouse pricing to ensure our lunch kits are about the same cost as your usual groceries.


We select an assortment of foods to ensure that your child is full and fully nourished, and always include fruits and veggies.


Skip the hassles of shopping and packing lunches each day by receiving a box of lunches every Sunday afternoon.

Some of our Main Items include:

Frequently Asked Question

What if I have a picky eater?

We know that some kids are particular about what they want for lunch, so we’ve offered as many options as possible. Be sure to check the menu options for things like ‘Plain Cheese Sandwich’ or ‘Crackers and Cheese’, or perhaps the ‘Mini Pizza’ or ‘Mini Quiche’ will work.

Additionally, you can customize the snacks we send as well as the main items! When you build your menu order, choose a ‘Snack Substitution’ – you could try ‘All Crunchy’ or ‘No Produce’ for example, to help ensure your child receives items they will love.

Are there any long term commitments?

No, you can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time. You even keep your reward points for when you come back

What if I am not home on Sunday afternoon?

Our drivers will leave your box near the front door, or according to your special delivery instructions. We always have contactless delivery.

How do I earn Reward Points?

You earn Reward Points when you start your subscription, on your weekly orders, by leaving a review, or by referring your friends. Points can be redeemed for Free Lunch bags at any time.

What about dietary restrictions?

We never send anything with peanuts. You can indicate any other dietary preferences in the ‘Special Instructions’ box when you order. As well, all of our lunches use healthy options so you can feel confident your child’s nutritional needs are being met.