Thanks for checking out our site. We’d like to take a minute to introduce our service and hopefully show you how we can help make your life a little bit easier!

As the father of two school-aged kids, I’ve spent a lot of time packing up lunches for the kids. Five nights a week, after cooking and cleaning up dinner, I would wash vegetables and make sandwiches instead of relaxing with my family. That’s where the idea for This Week’s Lunch came from – why isn’t here a meal prep service like Hello Fresh for lunches? Now there is!

Our mission is to deliver healthy, balanced and tasty lunches for your children. Five lunch bags, packed up and ready to go, delivered in one convenient box every Sunday afternoon. All you have to do is send a bag with your child in the morning! Have a look at our lunches to see what your child will be getting!

And of course we all know that money is tight these days, so we’ve priced our boxes to be about the same as you already spend on lunches at the grocery store. Take a minute to look at our plans to see for yourself.

We also want to make sure we’re giving back to our community, so This Week’s Lunch is happy to offer an ongoing 5% fundraising donation to any school PACs that promote the site through our referral program. We also give Reward Points to all of our customers that can be redeemed for Free Lunches, it doesn’t get much better than that! Be sure to use coupon code FREE5L when you sign up for one of our plans to get a week’s worth of lunches in Reward Points.

That’s all for now, but come back often to get updates and helpful weekly tips on nutrition, meal planning and general household helpfulness!