Ice Cream vs Gelato vs Other Frozen treats

Is there really a difference between all the frozen summer treats? Is one better for us than another? And by “better” I mean healthier without compromising taste.

During the summer I’m often asked if gelato is healthier than ice cream (asking for my “kids” *wink*). Our kids go on many adventures, play dates and even chase the ice cream truck music coming down                     the road, it seems like there are treats around every corner. How can we limit sugar and still                               maximize pleasure? Make an informed choice by learning how they compare in the                                   breakdowns below. Sometimes the high calorie, high sugar option is a perfectly fine                                    choice-it’s all about balance.

                    Sorbet – This is dairy free, just the simple ingredients of fruit and sugar. So if your child is lactose intolerant, this is a perfect option. There are also many easy recipes online that will teach you to make sorbet at home!  Like this:

photo by Taste of Home


Sherbet – It is Sorbet with a splash of milk for additional creaminess.

John E. Kelly / Getty Images

Ice Cream – Our personal favorite for texture! Technically ice cream should be made from milk with at least 10% milk fat, sugar and flavoring; however, watch out for the “frozen treats” disguised as ice cream- these products use “milk products” (or something similar) rather than straight high fat milk or cream, the implication being different nutritional content and often more additives. When in doubt, check the label for the ingredients and nutrition info to verify what you’re eating and to make a choice best in line with you health goals.

Shaffer-Smith/Getty Images

Gelato – Is very similar to ice cream. It has milk fat as well, but not as much. Less air is infused into the dessert, making it denser than ice cream.

Photo taken from Wikipedia

Frozen Yogurt – Instead of milk or cream, as the name implies, it uses a yogurt base.

Easy Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt {No Ice Cream Maker Needed}

So what is the moral to the story? Well, ultimately they are all treats, one is not better than the other, just different. So if you are looking for something with no fat, or actual fruit or just a particular taste, you now have a little more info to make that decision.

Enjoy your cool tasty treats on a hot summer day.



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